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to a loving, supportive relationship with your body, and peaceful coexistence with food.

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A book…A system…A path to ending the battle with food and your body.

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About Terri

Terri Leichty is a wellness coach and the author of Body Love, Food Peace: Ten Practices to End the War.

Her personal recovery journey from disordered eating and body hatred led to an undeniable Truth: Healing first requires adopting fierce, unconditional self-love. From this place, moderation, balance, and healthy behaviors flow with ease. This leads to weight normalization and greater vitality and well-being.

Through Body Love, Food Peace coaching, Terri offers wisdom, guidance, and support for women longing to find peace with food and their bodies.

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What Others are Saying…

Terri’s services were invaluable to me!

She was brilliant at drawing out my innermost concerns, then helped me face each and every one. I trust, respect, and know with confidence I could discuss any life issue with her.

Terri’s positivity and kindness has helped me grow and become a better person with a different outlook on life.

I went in thinking she would give me the answers, but instead she taught me how to find the answers. If she ever tells you to “just sit with it”, believe her!!! Love her!!!

—Mary I.